【CVS】Why don’t you try KitKat mini SAKURA Japanese Sake at CVS?


The KitKat brand sells “KitKat Mini -Sakura Japanese Sake-” that is perfect for spring. Sales price at the CVS is 162 yen (including tax).

KitKat × SAKE (Japanese Rice Wine)

Nestle Japan announced on January 29, 2019 a new flavor “Kit Kat Sake” and started selling it from February 1. It’s a taste unique to sake, in which sake powder is mixed between sake-flavored chocolate and wafers.

Source: Nestle Japan

You can get the spring version easily in CVS!

KitKat mini Sakura Sake is the spring version of above and you can get any CVS in Japan. This is a product of cream with cherry leaves and wafer wrapped in sake-flavored chocolate. And it’s a package of the windy design that the petals of cherry blossoms are scattered on the basis of indigo.

Source : Entabe
Source : Entabe
Source : Entabe

It’s mini size and can get in CVS so it will be good for trying! But be careful! It contains alcohol even 0.07% though…