【CVS / Family Mart】 Thick and hearty! Famima’s mouth-watering “Chinese buns” appear for the second week in a row!


For the second week in a row, FamilyMart’s “Chuka Man” series has a new product that is extremely satisfying to eat!

Curry buns with gorotto chicken (tandoori chicken style)” has been on sale at FamilyMart stores nationwide since Tuesday, February 2, and “Koiuma! Yakisoba buns (with Otafuku sauce)” went on sale on February 9.

Authentic spices with a rich aroma! Curry buns with a lot of chicken.

The “Curry bun with rotten chicken (tandoori chicken style)” (160 yen, tax included) is a spicy curry wrapped with “rotten” chicken and authentic spices.

The curry buns are filled with tandoori chicken marinated overnight in cumin, turmeric, coriander and other spices, making them very satisfying.

In addition, we developed our own original curry for chicken curry buns, which has the aroma of spices as well as depth and richness. Yogurt is added as a secret ingredient to give it a spicy yet sour taste, giving it an authentic taste.

【PR】 Osaka’s popular Meat bun! 551

Special thick sauce” made in collaboration with Otafuku sauce is used.

The “Koiuma! Yaki-soba buns (with Otafuku sauce) are 130 yen (tax included), wrapped in yaki-soba noodles with a special thick sauce that is rich and full of flavor.

The yakisoba is made with “special thick sauce” made in collaboration with Otafuku Sauce, a well-known sauce for okonomiyaki and yakisoba. The yakisoba noodles are made with 1.5mm noodles that are crispy and perfectly matched with the thick sauce, and are fried thoroughly beforehand to bring out the savory flavor.

Be one of the first to taste the satisfying Chinese buns proposed by Famima.


New Chinese buns at Family Mart

【Release Date】
Curry buns with a lot of chicken (Tandoori chicken style) From Feb 2 (Tue)
Koiuma! Yaki-soba buns (with Otafuku sauce) From Feb 9 (Tue)
【Store】 FamilyMart stores nationwide (excluding some stores)

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