【CVS / Family Mart】A new frappe based on the image of the popular ice-cream “Eat Farm Strawberries” is now on sale!


FamilyMart’s new frappe, “Eat Farm Strawberry Frappe,” which is based on the image of popular ice cream “Eat Farm Strawberry,” goes on sale on May 16 (Sat), 2020♪ It’s absolutely delicious!

Popular ice cream at FamilyMart

The “Eat Farm Milk Frappe,” which made a splash in 2019, will be reimagined in 2020 with the image of “Eat Farm Strawberries” in mind!

TABERU BOKUJO ICHIGO (Eat Farm Strawberry) is a popular ice cream only available at FamilyMart. The top section contains milk ice cream made with 50% milk, the bottom section contains gelato with strawberry pulp, and the bottom section is brewed with strawberry pulp sauce.

The “Eat Farm Strawberry Frappe” is a triple-layered structure of gelato with strawberry pulp, strawberry-smoothing sauce, and milk ice to recreate the flavor of the ice cream. The balance of rich milk and the sweet and sour taste of strawberry gelato is perfect.


Taberu Bokujyo Ichigo Frappe (Eat Farm Strawberry Frappe)

【Release Date】May 16 (Sat), 2020
【Price】320 yen (includes tax)
【Store】FamilyMart across the country