【CVS / Family Mart】Matcha cheesecake baumkuchen and parfait, supervised by Kamibayashi Shunmatsu Honten, a long-established tea shop, are now on sale.


Matcha sweets under the supervision of Kamibayashi Shumatsu honten have been on sale at FamilyMart since May 19.

Umami Matcha Cheesecake Baumkuchen 258 yen (includes tax)

Enjoy the taste of a real restaurant at home!

FamilyMart has been collaborating with famous specialty stores with the hope that you can enjoy the authentic taste of the store at home. The third installment is a collaboration with the Kamibayashi Shunmatsu Honten, the only descendant of the Uji tea master with 450 years of history. There are two products available this time around.

Umami Matcha Parfait

A layer of matcha mousse, milk mousse and sponge, topped with a generous amount of matcha jelly, mandarin oranges and red bean paste to create a Japanese style parfait. The mousse and jelly are made with Uji Matcha, a luxurious blend of Ichibancha (green tea), which has a rich, fragrant flavor and the true umami of matcha.

Umami Matcha Cheesecake Baumkuchen

The “Umami Matcha Cheesecake Baum” is a matcha baum made with Uji matcha and baked with matcha dough reminiscent of matcha cheesecake. It is a luxurious sweets filled with the delicious taste of the aromatic Uji green tea.


Umami matcha parfait 298 yen (tax included)
Umami Matcha Cheesecake Baumkuchen: 258 yen (tax included)

【Release Date】May 19 (Tue), 2020
【Store】Family Mart Nationwide (except for Okinawa)