【CVS / Family Mart】New Melon Flavor Added to Popular “Taberu Bokujoh Milk Ice Cream”!


FamilyMart’s popular “Taberu Bokujoh (Edible Ranch) Mil Ice Cream”, with its melon-flavored “Taberu Bokujoh (Edible Ranch) Melon”, went on sale on June 16 (Tuesday)!

208 yen (includes tax)

Mellow and juicy

The “Taberu-Bokujoh (Edible Ranch) Melon” is a combination of 50% milk ice cream, mildly sweet cantaloupe melon puree and juicy melon gelato with melon juice.

The combination of the rich yet refreshingly sweet melon and milk is an addictive combination. There are different designs of “Cow” on each package, so it’s fun to choose your favorite one.

By the way, Family Mart is now selling new frappe in the image of ‘Taberu Bokujoh (Edible Ranch) Strawberry‘.


Taberu-Bokujoh (Edible Ranch) Melon

【Release Date】June 16 (Tue)
【Store】Family Mart Nationwide
【Price】208 yen (includes tax)