【CVS / Famima!】 This is what you need in the hot summer! FamilyMart’s popular Frappe product has a new one, Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe!


FamilyMart Co., Ltd. has collaborated with Morinaga Seika to create a new frappe, Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe, which went on sale at FamilyMart stores nationwide on August 9, 2022 (Tuesday).

Famima x Morinaga’s new frappe “Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe

The popular “Frappe” drink series is completed by pouring warm foamed milk from a familiar coffee machine into a cup while the contents are still frozen, and mixing it by oneself. This time, a new grape flavor will be added to the lineup as a new flavor from the collaboration with Morinaga Ramune, which was also released in 2021 and received a favorable response.

Grain ramune dedicated to frappe with presence

Added to the drink are grains of Morinaga Ramune, which are specially designed for the frappe, with their presence and size expressing the taste of grape-flavored Morinaga Ramune. The drink is also served with large shaved ice grains to give it a crunchy summery texture.


Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe

【Release Date】 Tuesday, August 9, 2022
【Price】 298 yen
【Store】 FamilyMart nationwide