【CVS (LAWSON)】 The fourth collaboration of LAWSON and fresh cream specialty store “Milk” is now on sale!


LAWSON will launch a new collaboration product with fresh cream specialty store “Milk” at stores nationwide from July 12, 2022 (Tuesday).

Fourth collaboration product between LAWSON and fresh cream specialty store “Milk

Milk, which has a total of five stores in Tokyo and Osaka, specializes in sweets with fresh cream made from milk produced in the Neshiro district of Hokkaido as the main ingredient. Since November 2020, the company has collaborated with LAWSON on a variety of products and has sold a total of more than 20 million units of this popular series.

Fresh cream specialty store Milk supervised snack cobbler “Melting MILK” 257 yen

Fresh cream cheesecake

For example, the “Fresh Cream Cheesecake” is a cheesecake with a cream cheese batter made of Australian cream cheese, sour cream, and fresh cream from Hokkaido, topped with mascarpone cream, a combination of Hokkaido mascarpone cheese, fresh cream, and sweetened condensed milk, and whipped cream. The rich yet refreshing aftertaste of the cheese batter and the milky cream create an exquisite harmony.

MILK Maritozzo Fresh Cream Cheese

The MILK Maritozzo Fresh Cream Cheese, with its overflowing cream, is another notable item. The brioche dough made from Hokkaido flour is filled with whipped cream and cheese sauce made from fresh Hokkaido cream and mascarpone cheese.

7 dishes including the popular “Doramocchi” and whipped cream sandwiches

Other products include “MILK Doramocchi Fresh Cream Cheese,” a milk-style version of the popular “Doramocchi” series; “Oyatsu Coppe Melting MILK,” a sandwich with whipped cream made from two kinds of fresh Hokkaido cream; and “MILK Plenty of MILK! Fluffy Cream Sandwich,” which features whipped cream as the main ingredient, and a total of seven other products.


LAWSON x MILK 4th collaboration product

【Release Date】 Tuesday, July 12, 2022
・Uchi Cafe x Fresh Cream Specialty Milk Fresh Cream Cheese Cake: 300 yen
・Uchi Cafe x Fresh Cream Specialty Milk MILK Doramocchi Fresh Cream Cheese Cake: 203 yen
・Uchi Cafe x Fresh Cream Specialty Milk MILK Maritozzo Fresh Cream Cheese”: 268 yen *Prices differ in the Okinawa area.
・Fresh cream specialty store Milk supervised snack coppé “Melting MILK”: 257 yen
・Fresh Cream Specialty Store Milk Supervisor: MILK Plenty of MILK! Fluffy Cream Sandwich” 279 yen
・Fresh cream specialty store Milk: MILK custard square brioche ¥149
・MILK Danish supervised by fresh cream specialty store Milk” 149 yen *Prices differ in Okinawa area
【Store】 LAWSON nationwide
【Official Website】 https://www.lawson.co.jp/recommend/new/list/1455087_5162.html