【CVS (Lawson)】The strawberry festival will begin!


From tomorrow, January 7, 2019, strawberry products will appear in nationwide Lawson one after another.

Various strawberry products

Dora-Mochi Whole Strawberry (Custard & Whip)

Attention is the new “Dora-Mochi” series, which is a fluffy, chewy, textured Dorayaki. Dora-Mochi is one of the hit sweets of 2019, which appeared in May last year and surpassed 6 million units sold in about 3 months.

The newly released “Dora-Mochi Whole Strawberry (Custard & Whip)” contains a whole custard & whip and a whole sweet and sour raw strawberry in a chewy, thin dough.

Dora-Mochi Whole Strawberry 230 yen
*There is no release in the Okinawa area.

Tight strawberry roll cake (mascarpone style)

240 yen
*There is no release at Natural Lawson.

It’s a strawberry full roll cake which is rolled strawberry jelly with pulp and mascarpone cream that enhances the deliciousness of strawberries by strawberry dough, and topped with 1/2 cut strawberry.

Chewy texture roll of strawberry (warabi mochi tailoring)

350 yen
*There is no release in the Okinawa area.

A chewy texture roll rolled with chewy textured dough and Warabi-mochi.

Whole strawberry Daifuku (Mascarpone style)

170 yen
*There is no release in the Okinawa area.

It is a Western-style Daifuku wrapped with a whole strawberry and a fluffy mascarpone mousse in a Habutae-Mochi.

SAND FULL Strawberry mix

397 yen

A sandwich using one strawberry, kiwi, yellow peach and pine.

Strawberry Milk Melon Bread

150 yen

A biscuit dough with strawberry freeze-dried powder, whipped with strawberry cream with condensed strawberry and condensed milk. It is a crisp type melon bread with strawberry milk flavor.

Moist strawberry bread, Amao strawberry

140 yen

Moist melon bread containing strawberry whipped strawberry cream and strawberry jam.

It will be released in Lawson nationwide from tomorrow, so why not check it out with a nearby Lawson?