【CVS / Mini Stop】The “Ripe White Peach Parfait” made with “the heaviest peach ever” is now on sale!


The new counter food item, “Fully Ripe White Peach Parfait,” went on sale at all Ministop stores on June 12.

348 yen + Tax

Fully Ripe White Peach Parfait

A parfait made with a “record weight” of white peaches is now available. The amount of pulp has been increased by about 10 percent compared to last year, with about 100 grams of pulp and sauce used per serving. The size of the pulp has been increased so that you can enjoy the “snacking luxury”. The white peaches are harvested and fully ripe, juicy and fragrant. Combined with milky soft cream vanilla, it looks and feels luxurious.


Fully Ripe White Peach Parfait

【Release Date】June 12, 2020
【Sales Price】348 yen + Tax
【Store】Mini Stop nationwide