【CVS / Mini Stop】TOYONOKA Condensed Strawberry Parfait and Tappuri (Plenty) Strawberry Parfait are now available from Ministop!


“Toyonoka Condensed Milk Strawberry Parfait” and “Tappuri (Plenty) Strawberry Parfait” are now on sale at Ministop stores. The number one selling fruit parfait in Japan, the condensed strawberry parfait, is now available in a 100% toyonoka strawberry form. New in April, soft-serve vanilla and uncooked strawberries combine with fresh pulp and sauce and condensed milk for a finishing touch.

Toyonoka Condensed Milk Strawberry Parfait

The “TOYONOKA Enriched Strawberry Parfait” is a parfait made with 100% TOYONOKA fruit and sauce, and everything is 100% TOYONOKA. You can enjoy the lumpy strawberry pulp and the strawberry sauce made by grinding the pulp with a mixer. The freshness of the flavor is perfect for the new vanilla.

348 yen + Tax
378 yen (includes tax)

Tappuri (Plenty) Strawberry Parfait

The Tappuri Ichigo Parfait uses twice as many strawberries and sauce as before, making it a sumptuous parfait that strawberry lovers will not be able to resist. There are about 10 strawberries in the prfait.

518 yen + Tax
559 yen (includes tax)

It’s worth eating!
Save on soft serve ice cream.

Toku-Mori Soft (Served Ice Cream)

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection and to help people enjoy their “home time” as much as possible, a “special soft-serve ice cream” with a larger volume than usual is also on sale, and it will continue to be sold even if the flavors change!

Toku-Mori Soft Served Ice Cream Vanilla

318 yen + Tax

Toku-Mori Soft Served Ice Cream Mix

(Sato Nishiki cherries × Vanilla)

330 yen + Tax

Toku-Mori Soft Served Ice Cream Sato Nishiki Cherries

330 yen + Tax


TOYONOKA Condensed Strawberry Parfait
Tappuri (Plenty) Strawberry Parfait

【Release Date】May 22 (Fri)
【Store】Mini Stop nationwide