【CVS / Seven-Eleven】 An original menu commemorating the 35th anniversary of “Super Mario Bros.” is now on sale!

An original menu commemorating the 35th anniversary of Nintendo’s popular game title “Super Mario Bros.” is being released sequentially at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide from February 5 (Fri.), 2021.

A total of six different menus

There will be a total of six different menus featuring popular characters from “Super Mario Bros. There will be sweets and pastries featuring the designs and colors of the characters, including Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and Star.

【PR】 Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe [Released on Jan 11, 2019].

Cute Sweets Series

The focus is on a series of sweets that are so cute it’s a shame to eat them. The “Princess Peach Dolce (Strawberry Rare Cheese & Strawberry Jelly),” made with two layers of smooth strawberry rare cheese and sweet and sour strawberry jelly, is, as its name suggests, a romantic “Princess Peach” colored product. The “Glittering Star Milk Agar (with Pineapple Sauce),” a milk agar with yellow pineapple sauce, is a must-have dessert for fans of the series that looks like a real star.

Kirakira Star’s milk agar (with pineapple sauce): 210 yen + tax
Princess Peach’s Dolce (strawberry rare cheese & strawberry jelly): 300 yen + tax

Also, don’t miss the sweet bread series wrapped in cute character-patterned packages.

Mario’s Mixed Roll” is filled with three kinds of ingredients: Neapolitan with mushrooms, croquette with red ketchup sauce, and egg salad. Yoshi’s Green Melon Pan (Melon Cream & Whip),” which is made of “Yoshi-colored” dough and filled with melon cream and whip, and “Bowser’s Hot Fried Roll,” which is made of fried tofu with special spices and spicy sauce.

Yoshi’s Midori no Melon Pan (melon cream & whip) 140 yen + tax
Mario’s Mixed Roll 170 yen + tax

In addition, curry buns with a “fire flower” motif are also sold by the cash register. The curry buns are filled with tomato curry that is as red as a flame and has a rich flavor.

Fire Flower Flame Curry Buns 130 yen + tax


Super Mario Bros.” Seven-Eleven Limited Original Menu

【Store】 Seven-Eleven stores nationwide (excluding some stores).
【Release Date】 February 5, 2021 (Friday) *Date of release varies by area.
・Princess Peach’s Dolce (strawberry rare cheese and strawberry jelly): 300 yen + tax
・Kirakira Star’s milk agar (with pineapple sauce): 210 yen + tax
・Mario’s mixed rolls: 170 yen + tax
・Yoshi’s green melon bread (melon cream & whip): 140 yen + tax
・Bowser’s Hot and Spicy Deep Fried Roll – ¥328 + tax
・Fire Flower’s Flame Curry Buns – ¥130 + tax