【CVS / Seven-Eleven】 PIERRE HERMÉ’s chocolate cake and Disney character cake on sale for a limited time!


Seven-Eleven’s “Christmas Sweets” will be available at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide for a limited time from December 19 (Sat.) to December 25 (Fri.), 2020.

PIERRE HERMÉ’s “authentic” chocolate cake

The centerpiece is the “Pierre Hermé Signature Gateau Framboise et Chocolat,” created by Pierre Hermé for Seven-Eleven. The moist brownie dough is layered with two kinds of chocolate cream, raspberry mousse, and napage on top to create a gorgeous visual. You can enjoy the authentic taste of Pierre Hermé’s creation at a “reasonable” price of less than 500 yen per piece.

Pierre Hermé Signature Gateau raspberry et chocolat: 480 yen + tax

Disney Character Cakes

The lineup also includes “Disney Character Cakes” featuring Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and Piglet. The colorful cakes with the cute characters’ face designs will make you feel good just by looking at them. Mickey Mouse comes in “Berry & Cheese”, Winnie the Pooh comes in “Maple & Custard”, and Piglet comes in “Strawberry & Chocolate”.

Mickey Mouse: Berries and cheese, 388 yen + tax
Winnie the Pooh: Maple & custard, 388 yen + tax
Piglet: Strawberry & chocolate, 388 yen + tax

Berry tart supervised by FLO

The “FLO PRESTIGE PARIS Mixed Berry Tart,” supervised by FLO, which is popular for its fruit tarts, is also available, combining four types of berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and cranberries) with FLO’s special original tart for a refreshing taste.

FLO PRESTIGE PARIS Mixed Berry Tart 1,130 yen + tax

Other items include “Seven Premium Raw Chocolate Gateau Chocolat,” a “chocolate-filled” product made with Belgian chocolate, and the classic “Seven Premium Strawberry Shortcake.

Seven Premium Raw Chocolate Gateau Chocolat 980 yen + tax


Seven-Eleven “Christmas Sweets”

【Sales Period】 Dec 19 (Sat) – 25 (Fri), 2020
【Store】 Seven-Eleven stores nationwide

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