【CVS / Seven Eleven】 The 2021 Valentine’s Day product, “fruit slice” chocolate, is amazing!

Seven-Eleven has released chocolates for Valentine’s Day 2021, which will be available at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide from January 31 (Sun.), 2021.

Seven-Eleven Limited Edition Chocolates from Popular Chocolatiers and Specialty Stores

Valentine’s Day chocolates from popular chocolatiers and chocolate specialty stores are gathering at Seven-Eleven. The focus is on the limited edition chocolates that can only be obtained at Seven-Eleven.

Sébastien Bouillet’s “fruit slices” chocolate

Gouter by Sébastien Bouillet’s “Fruits Chocolates” are chocolates made under the supervision of Sébastien Bouillet that express the taste of fruit by adding fruit juice and puree. The colorful visuals are reminiscent of sliced fruit. The flavors include strawberry, orange, watermelon, kiwi, lemon, and apple. This chocolate… it’s amazing! Just try it. ♪

Bonbon chocolates by Chef Tsuchiya of Theobroma

From the “Theobroma Collection” comes the bonbon chocolates supervised by Chef Koji Tsuchiya. There are seven sophisticated flavors to choose from, including bitter, lemon, honey, coffee, caramel, praline, and raspberry.

Citrus Cacao” Chocolates by Kyoto DARI-K

Citrus Cacao Chocolate by Dari K, a chocolate specialty store in Kyoto, is also noteworthy. It is made from high-grade cacao beans with orange and lime juice added during fermentation, giving it a fruity and refreshing taste.

Godiva and silver grapes.

There will also be chocolates in heart tins by Godiva and chocolates with flames by Silver Grape, which are popular every year.


Seven-Eleven: Valentine’s Day 2021

【Release Date】 To be released sequentially from January 31, 2021 (Sun)
【Store】 Seven Eleven Nationwide