【CVS / Seven Eleven】Sugar Butter Tree Setouchi Lemon & Honey is now available only at Seven Eleven.

Seven Cafe Sugar Butter Tree Setouchi Lemon & Honey, a product jointly developed by Grapestone’s confectionery brand Silver Grape and Seven & i Holdings, went on sale nationwide on Thursday, April 30, 2020.

A refreshing, lemony-scented snack, perfect for the season.

Seven Café Sugar Butter Tree Setouchi Lemon & Honey is the fifth joint development and is based on Sugar Butter Sand Tree, the most popular item at The Sugar Butter Tree, a cereal sweet shop produced by Silver Grape. The refreshing aroma of “Setouchi Lemon”, which is loved by the sun, and the mellow honey are combined to create a limited edition sandwich that ushers in a refreshing summer.

The savory cereal dough mixed with Setouchi’s lemon juice powder and mellow honey powder goes well with Sugar Butter Tree’s signature milky white chocolates sandwiched between the dough. This time, the honey-lemon dough is sprinkled with triple-blend sugar, and the baked dough is made into a “rich brulee”. You can enjoy a mellow and mellow taste like “honey lemon brulee”. Why don’t you take a break from the heat and self-restraint with this snack?


Seven Cafe Sugar Butter Tree Setouchi Lemon & Honey

【Release Date】April 30, (Thu) 2020
*Expected to end in late September 2020

【Store】Seven & i Group companies, including Seven-Eleven
*It may not be available in some stores.

【Price】267 yen (tax included)
【Contents】3pcs per package