【CVS Sweets】 A limited number of “hot cake (Sweet pancake)” Chinese buns are on sale from Famima! Absolutely delicious!


Family Mart has released a new sweet “Butter Fragrant Hot Cake Bun”. Limited quantities will be available at FamilyMart nationwide from January 24, 2023 (Tuesday)

“Butter fragrant hot cake bun” 160 yen *Limited quantity

“Just like a hot cake” Famima’s limited quantity “Butter fragrant hot cake bun”

The “Butter Fragrant Hotcake Bun” that will appear on “Hotcake Day” on January 25th is a Chinese bun that looks like a “hotcake” supervised by Morinaga.

The fluffy dough made with fermented butter from Hokkaido is covered with an original butter-flavored sauce and Morinaga’s cake syrup sauce. You can enjoy the rich taste that spreads in your mouth with a thick and rich sauce.

In addition, it is recommended to eat the “Butter Fragrant Hotcake Bun” as it is, or to arrange it in your own way, such as putting strawberry jam on it, sandwiching it with “Famichiki”, and so on.


“Butter fragrant hot cake bun” 160 yen *Limited quantity

【Release Date】 Tuesday, January 24, 2023
【Store】 Family Mart nationwide