【CVS Sweets】 Famima! is now offering “Famima the Crepe,” a sticky, elastic, raw chocolate and tiramisu-flavored crepe!


FamilyMart has introduced a new convenience store sweet, “Famima the Crepe,” available at FamilyMart stores nationwide from June 21, 2022 (Tuesday).

First appearance of sweets from the popular “Famima the Series”

FamilyMart’s new “Famima the Crepe” is the first sweet in the “Famima the Series,” which has sold a total of more than 62 million servings. It is the latest in a series that has produced popular products such as “Famima the Melon Pan” and “Famima the Curry Bun,” which sold more than 1 million servings in the first three days of sales, and “Famima the Cream Bun,” which sold more than 10 million servings in 57 days.

Crepes with a “sticky” elasticity

The most distinctive feature of “Famima the Crepe” is its “sticky” texture that can be enjoyed even after a long time. The crepe’s original crepe flour, which contains glutinous barley flour and tapioca starch, is used to achieve the “glutinous” elasticity. The “giraffe pattern” visual, with the dough appropriately browned, is also a key point of attention. The stick-type shape also makes it easy to eat.

Fresh Chocolate & Tiramisu in 2 flavors.

Famima the Crepe” is available in two flavors, “Nama Chocolate” and “Tiramisu. The “Nama Choco” crepe is filled with a combination of richly flavored chocolate and fresh Hokkaido cream, and whipped cream with a rich yet refreshing aftertaste. The “Tiramisu” is made with mild cream made with Hokkaido fresh cream and Mascarpone, bittersweet coffee syrup, and Western liquor to recreate the taste of tiramisu.

New flavors of “Famima the Crepe” are scheduled to be introduced in the future.


Famima the Crepe – Fresh chocolate – 213 yen
Famima the Crepe Tiramisu 213 yen

【Release Date】 June 21 (Wed), 2022
【Store】 FamilyMart nationwide
*Some stores may not carry certain products.

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