【CVS Sweets】 LAWSON × Fresh Cream Specialty Milk’s New Sweets: Mont Blanc Cake, “Doramocchi,” etc. Total of 7 Kinds


LAWSON has collaborated with Milk, a fresh cream specialty store, on a new product, which has been on sale at LAWSON stores nationwide since November 22, 2022 (Tuesday).

New collaboration products from LAWSON and fresh cream specialist Milk

Milk, which offers a variety of fresh cream sweets using milk from the Nekushiro region of Hokkaido, is a popular series of products produced in collaboration with Lawson that began in November 2020 and has sold a total of more than 26 million units to date. This fifth installment of the series features a lineup of seven different sweets and bakery items.

MILK Mont Blanc Cake Milk & Butter

For example, “MILK Mont Blanc Cake Miruku & Butter” is a Mont Blanc cake with milk cream as the main ingredient. The moist sponge dough is layered with cream made from unsalted butter and custard from Hokkaido, whipped cream made from fresh Hokkaido cream, and topped with milk cream. The rich taste of milk can be enjoyed.

MILK Doramocchi Milk & Scented Butter

Also, Lawson’s popular “Doramocchi” sweets are now available in a milk version. The dough is made with a combination of two kinds of fresh Hokkaido cream and milk mousse made with margarine and fermented butter from France.

Ogura coppe and sweet sandwiches are also available.

In addition, a variety of other products are available, including the “Ogura MILK Whipped Coppe,” a softly textured coppé bread filled with sweet bean paste and light whipped cream, and the “Two Cheesecake x Whipped Cream Sandwich,” a two-layer sandwich that offers two types of cheese cream and whipped cream.


LAWSON×MILK Collaboration Products

【Release Date】 Tuesday, November 22, 2022
【Store】 LAWSON stores nationwide (excluding LAWSON STORE100)