【CVS Sweets】Absolutely delicious stuff! New Matcha sweets from Lawson!


Three new Matcha sweets from Lawson are on sale at Lawson stores nationwide from Tuesday, May 12, 2020!

Just because you’re on self-restraint doesn’t mean you have to put up with good food! Let’s get a little bit of happiness with sweets that can be bought easily at convenience stores♪

3 Popular Lawson Sweets with New Matcha

Lawson sweets, which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, are becoming more and more popular due to the recent “demand for shutting oneself in”. This time, the three most popular series, “Premium Roll Cake”, “Mocheese – Mochi Mocheese”, and “Doramochi”, will be joined by a new line of products that combine matcha green tea and western food ingredients.

Matcha Tea Tiramisu Roll Cake

220 yen (includes tax)

The premium roll cake, which has been popular for more than 10 years, is made with a sponge dough kneaded with Uji matcha powder, Hokkaido mascarpone cream and Uji matcha cream. A sauce with Uji Matcha espresso is added between the two creams as an accent.

Mocheese -Mochi Mocheese Matcha Tea Tiramisu-

140 yen (includes tax)

Mochi Mocheese -Mochi Mocheese Matcha Tea Tiramisu- is a rice cake dipped in cream cheese and slightly bitter Tsujiri Ippon’s Uji matcha tea, and filled with milky mascarpone cream. The dense, matcha-flavored rice cake dough and mascarpone cheese give it a tiramisu-like flavor.

Doramochi (Matcha & Whipped Cream)

180 yen (includes tax)

The last item is the Doramochi (Matcha & Whipped Cream), which has the perfect combination of the chewy dorayaki batter made with long potatoes and matcha green tea. This dorayaki is a blend of Japanese and Western dorayaki, with mouth-watering whipped cream and matcha cream made with the rich flavor of Uji Matcha green tea in between the dough.


New Matcha Sweets by Lawson

【Release Date】May 12 (Tue), 2020
【Store】All Lawson stores nationwide (except Lawson Store 100)