【CVS Sweets】GIANT Cone, “Adult Chocolate Berry” will be released from March 23!


The new giant cone “Adult Series” “Giant cone ” will be released on March 23, 2020 (Monday). It’s suddenly getting warm, so why not try eating slowly at Nakanoshima or Osaka Castle Park?

GIANT CONE “Adult Chocolate Berry” 180 yen + Tax

Adult “GIANT CONE” with “melting sauce”

The Giant Cone “Adult Series” is an ice cream with a “melting sauce” that is not included in the normal series. This is a luxurious flavor of ice cream for adults, stuck to ice cream, cones, and toppings, chocolate.

Rich chocolate ice cream x melting raspberry sauce.

The new “Giant Cone -adult chocolate berry-” has sweet and sour raspberry sauce confined in rich chocolate ice cream. The chocolate is tightly packed up to the “cone tail”, so you can taste it to the end.

Cone is selected for crisp textured cocoa waffle cone, topped with a crispy raspberry crunch and crisp bitter chocolate. You can enjoy a rich taste like sweets of a Western confectionery shop.


Giant Cone “Adult Chocolate Berry”

【Release Date】March 23 (Mon), 2020
【Retail Price】180 yen + Tax
【Store】CVS nationwide, Supermarket etc.