【CVS Sweets】Lawson’s Godiva-curated sweets will be available on April 28!


Uchi Café x GODIVA Chocolat Tourbillon, a new chocolatey sweet from Lawson, will be available at Lawson stores nationwide from April 28th (Tue), 2020.

Chocolate Tourbillon

The French word for “vortex” is Turbillon. The “Uchi Café x GODIVA Chocolat Tourbillon” is a chocolate mousse roll rolled in chocolate dough with a swirl of dark chocolate cream and milk chocolate cream. The dark chocolate ganache underneath the chocolate mousse is accented by the cocoa nibs in the topping.

While your life of self-control drags on, you might want to buy a little happiness at a convenience store and enjoy it at home♪

Uchi Café x GODIVA Chocolat Truvillon 450 yen (includes tax)


Uchi Café x GODIVA Chocolat Truvillon

【Release Date】April 28 (Tue), 2020
【Store】Lawson stores across the country