【CVS Sweets! / Family Mart】A must-see for cream lovers! Famima’s Kansai-only luxury cream buns are now available nationwide!


FamilyMart’s “Cream Pan with a Taste of Cream,” which has been available only in the Kansai region since April, started selling at all stores nationwide except Okinawa on Tuesday, May 5!

Let’s check out the “premium cream buns” that are so popular in the Kansai region, which is said to be one of the top consumers of bread in Japan.

Sumptuous bread invented by a bread-loving employee!

“I’d rather eat cream than dough!” In response to this need, our employees in the Kansai region, who love breads, developed the “cream buns that taste like cream”. The product was released only in the Kansai area and became so popular that the company has decided to expand its sales area.

An overwhelming amount of cream! It’s also GOOD as a sweets!

The “Cream Pan with a Taste of Cream”, 128 yen (tax not included), is a hefty item that is approximately 1.5 times as filling as a conventional cream pan with a custard cream that has a hint of egginess and a richness of milk. The fluffy dough is full of cream that is smooth to the edges! It’s a luxurious taste that you can feel satisfied with just one.

Chic and stylish packaging design

One of the appealing features is the luxurious packaging with yellow accents of custard cream. It can be enjoyed as a breakfast, a breaktime companion, a treat, or an after-dinner dessert in a variety of situations.

For those days when you can’t go out much… enjoy a special treat filled with rich cream!


Cream bread to taste the cream

【Price】128 yen + Tax
【Store】FamilyMart stores throughout Japan (excluding Okinawa Prefecture)