【CVS Sweets / Lawson Store 100】A new type of sweets with complex layers “Wow! Shiratama Zenzai Puff” is now on sale!


A unique sweet that allows you to enjoy the taste of “Shiratama Zenzai” in one hand without using a spoon!

Shiratama Zenzai Puff, an amazing cream puff filled with Shiratama dango and granulated bean jam, went on sale at Lawson Store 100 stores nationwide on May 6 (Wed).

The second installment in the “Full of Ingredients Puff” series!

Shiratama Zenzai Puff, 138 yen (tax excluded) is a new type of puff cream that overturns the conventional wisdom of puff cream. Milk mousse, dice-cut chestnuts, two white dumplings, and grain-an whip are layered in the soft puff.

This is the second product in the “filling puff” series, following the “Full of Fruit Puff”, a three-layer cream puff filled with large fruits that was released in March of this year.

Enjoy! A complex, layered cream puff.

Regular cream puffs can be mass-produced by sticking tubes into puff puffs and filling them with cream, but “fillings” such as Shiratama dango and granulated bean jam cannot be filled by machine and cannot be automated. “Shiratama Zenzai Puff”, the top of the shoo puff is cut and the ingredients are stuffed one by one, all by “human hands” and not by automation, but by “hands-on automation”.

Shiratama Zenzai Puff is an intricate layered puff that can only be made by hand, so enjoy the different flavors and textures of each bite!

From Left) Chestnut dice, puff pastry, granulated whipped cream, white ball, azuki bean paste, milk mousse