【Damn Cool!】 gelato pique releases cool loungewear with a “shark motif” and a hoodie that lets you be a shark!

Gelato pique’s cool loungewear “Cool Collection” will go on sale at Gelato Pique stores nationwide and others from June 17, 2022 (Friday).

Cool loungewear with “shark motif”

Gerard Pique has arrived with a “cool” loungewear collection perfect for the hot summer season. Shorts, shirts, and T-shirts in cool fabrics such as contact-cooling fabrics will make your home cool and comfortable.

The best item in the series is the loungewear series with a shark motif. The cute-looking shark and the SHARK logo are boldly placed on the jacquard pullover and shorts, which are woven with cool-to-the-touch yarn.

Shirts, shorts, and long pants with an all-over pattern of free-swimming sharks have a menswear-like silhouette for a relaxed look. These too are made of a cool-to-the-touch material that feels cool to the touch.

SHARK motif shirt 6,600 yen, SHARK motif long pants 6,600 yen, SHARK motif shorts 4,620 yen

Shark Hoodie

The lineup also includes a hoodie that allows you to “become a shark” just by putting your arms through the hood. This functional material absorbs and dissipates heat, and is sure to bring you the most enjoyable time at home.

SHARK Hoodie 7,480 yen

Shark motif sundries & bed items are also available.

In addition to clothing, there will also be a wide variety of miscellaneous goods such as room shoes with a motif of a gentle-looking shark and cool clear-colored pouches.

left) PVC gusseted pouch: 2,970 yen, PVC square gusseted pouch: 3,300 yen, PVC flat pouch: 2,970 yen right) SHARK room shoes: 3,520 yen

Bed items, including a bed pad and pillow pad made of contact-cooling material that makes summer sleep more comfortable, are also available in the Shark pattern, so be sure to check them out before the hot summer arrives.

SHARK motif pillow pad: 2,750 yen, SHARK single mattress pad: 6,490 yen


Gerard Pique “Cool Collection

【Release Date】 June 17 (Fri), 2022
【Pre-order Date】 June 10 (Fri.) 12:00 at official online store and USAGI ONLINE, STYLEVOICE
【Store】 Nationwide gelato pique stores, official online store, USAGI ONLINE, etc.