【Damn Cute!】 A very cute pair of clogs with “animal footprints” has been created!

The way children play is changing rapidly with games and videos, but we have created clogs that children who love to be outside can wear and learn while having fun. Let us introduce “ashiato,” which makes cute animal footprints when you walk on the sand.

Train your feet with clogs (Geta)♪

Geta” is a type of sandal that is rarely worn these days.

Geta and zori, which have been used in Japan since ancient times, are said to strengthen the muscles of the feet by holding the nose-string and stepping on the platform with the toes as if grasping it, and are said to be useful for “strengthening the feet” not only for children but also for adults.

Clogs (Geta) with Animal Footprints

The nose-string of the “ashiato” clogs is made of soft rubber, with the kiko+ logo and many stars scattered on it, making them feel more like flip-flops.

The teeth of the clogs are shaped like the footprints of a bobcat, monkey, owl, gecko, and Tyrasaurus.

The color of the nose cord and teeth are bobcat (pink), monkey (orange), owl (yellow), gecko (navy), and Tyrannosaurus (green).

You can easily go out with the gentle comfort of wood.

They come with a net bag, so they are easy to carry around.

The lineup includes four sizes, XS, S, M, and L, from children’s sizes to adult sizes. Parents and children can match or choose different creatures’ footprints!


ashiato “GETA”

XS: W80×D160(mm) / 3 years old and up
S: W90×D180 (mm) / 17〜21cm equivalent
M: W100×D200 (mm) / 22〜24cm equivalent
L: W110×D220(mm) / Equivalent to 24〜26cm
XS: 1,500 yen + Tax / S: 1,500 yen + Tax
M: 1,700 yen + Tax / L: 1,700 yen + Tax
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