【Damn Cute!】 A world limited café combining the worlds of Sylvanian Families and Mermaid opens in Shinjuku for a limited time!


The character cafe “Sylvania Forest Kitchen Pop-up Cafe – Yumeiro Mermaid” will open for a limited time from July 1 (Fri.) to August 14 (Sun.), 2022, at Box Cafe and Space Shinjuku Milord 1 in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Limited edition cafe in the world of Sylvanian Families x Mermaid

A special character café combining the worlds of Sylvanian Families and Mermaid appears in Shinjuku. The inspiration for the newest addition to the Sylvanian Families Yuenchi series, the sea-themed Yuenchi “Yumeiro Mermaid Castle.

The dreamy world of cute rides such as the Jellyfish Swing and the Mermaid Castle and the Sylvanian Families in cute costumes with mermaid motifs is expressed in the sweets, food and drinks.

At the venue, visitors can enjoy a very dreamy menu designed with the refreshing world of mermaids in mind.

Dreamy and cute” sweets and foods inspired by the world of the sea

The “Mermaid Princess Parfait” is a parfait inspired by “Clem the Baby Chocolat Rabbit,” who has become a mermaid princess. It is decorated with coral-inspired chocolate and seashell madeleines to romantically express the world of the sea.

The “Yumeiro Mermaid Curry,” a combination of pink and blue colors, is decorated with carrot fish and other decorations to poetically depict the sea.

The drink menu also includes the “Dream Color Strawberry Float” with rabbit-shaped ice cream and the “Dream Color Grape Float” with cat-shaped ice cream.

Dreamy strawberry float: 990 yen, parfait spoon: +1,100 yen, acrylic stand coaster: +990 yen

Souvenir plan is also available.

In addition, special plans with souvenirs are also available. For example, the “Yumeiro Pudding a la mode” with pink and blue cotton candy on top can be ordered with either an acrylic pick or a souvenir plate. One of the acrylic picks will be attached at random, so you will have to wait and see which one you can get.

Other souvenirs such as parfait spoons and acrylic stand coasters are also available, so you can enjoy the world of “Sylvanian Forest Kitchen Pop-Up Cafe: Dream Color Mermaid” at home if you order them.


Sylvania Forest Kitchen Pop-up Cafe – Dreamy Mermaid

【Store period】 July 1 (Fri) – August 14 (Sun), 2022
【Location】 Shinjuku, Tokyo “Box Cafe and Space Shinjuku Mill Road 1
【Address】 Shinjuku Mill Road 7F, 1-1-3 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
【Reservation】 Online and need 715 yen for reservation
【Official Website】 https://sylvanianfamilies-cafe.jp/