【Damn Cute!】 Can you strike your favorite pose? Evolutionary plush pen pouch “Pou-zoo (Posey)” is now available!

The “Pou-zoo (Posey)” pen pouch, an animal-shaped pouch that allows users to strike their favorite poses, is now available for purchase starting Friday, June 10, 2022.

“Evolutionary” plush pen pouch is born!

King Jim, which offers practical stationery products such as “Thepla” and “File,” has created an “evolutionary” plush pen pouch. The main difference from ordinary plush pen pouches is that the skeletal parts are built into the main body, allowing the user to pose the pen pouch in any way they like, such as with arms and legs spread out or back bent.

“Pou-zoo (Posey)” pen pouch: 5 types, 2,475 yen each

Pen stand or phone stand.

It can be used as a pen stand by sitting on it or as a “smartphone stand” by holding a smartphone between its hands and feet. Of course, it also has excellent storage capacity, and the main body can hold about 15 pens.

5 types in total, including pandas and cats

The lineup consists of five types: cat, lion, tiger, panda, and red panda. The colors and shapes of the paw pads have been carefully designed to match each animal. The pen case comes with a pole chain, so you can attach it to your bag and take it with you on your outings.


“Pou-zoo (Posey)” pen pouch: 2,475 yen

【Release Date】 June 10 (Fri), 2022
【Official Website】 https://www.kingjim.co.jp/sp/pouzoo/
*Guideline number of pieces to be stored depends on the size and shape of the items to be stored.
*The back may not be able to be bent when the storage items are in the bag.