【Damn Cute!】 Chip & Dale” bedding set from gelato pique sleep is now available!

Disney character “Chip & Dale” collection from “gelato pique sleep,” a bedding line by gelato pique, is now available at some stores from October 14, 2022 (Fri.).

gelato pique sleep “Chip & Dale” bedding

The “Chip & Dale” collection, based on the theme of “Preparing for sleep,” features a total of six cute bedding styles that will make you happy just by looking at them.

Bedding set and pillowcase with design of getting ready for bed

The three-piece bedding set (comforter cover, pillowcase, and box sheet) and pillowcase are printed with original illustrations depicting Chip and Dale “secretly getting ready for bed,” such as carrying pillows and comforters and playing with their toothbrushes. The material is soft and comfortable for use in all seasons. The material is a rayon-blend cotton with a soft touch that can be used in all seasons.

Printed 3-piece set (single): 14,520 yen
Printed pillow case 2,860 yen

Pillowcase with “three-dimensional ears

The lineup also includes a “fluffy” pillow case with Chip or Dale on the front and the logo on the back. The three-dimensional ear design makes you want to touch them.

Jacquard pillow case 4,950 yen

Multi-cover in ‘Babymoko’ material

Check out the “Multi-cover,” which has an adorable expression of Chip and Dale peeking out at you. The soft, light, and gentle “Babymoko” material is sure to be useful in a wide range of situations during the fall and winter seasons. Two colors, off-white and pink, are available.

Jacquard multi-cover: 10,890 yen

Big size hug pillow

The cute bedazzled pillow is also made of “Babymoko” material. The pillow is also made of “Babymoko” material and is just the right size to make you feel like you are sleeping with Chip & Dale.

Cuddle pillow: 10,890 yen

Chip & Dale hair caps are also available.

In addition, a “hair cap” made of “Babymoko” material with Chip and Dale’s faces knitted in Jacquard is also available. Wearing it quickly after taking a bath will shorten the time you spend on the hair dryer.

Night cap 3,740 yen


The “Chip and Dale” Collection

【Release Date】 Oct. 14 (Fri), 2022
【Store】 Some stores (Omotesando Hills, Lumine Yurakucho, Lazona Kawasaki, GranTree Musashikosugi, Lucua Osaka, Bandai Billboard Place, Lalaport Fukuoka)
【Online Store】 https://gelatopique.com/Form/Product/ProductList.aspx?cat=SLE001