【Damn Cute!】 Donut store Floresta releases “The Bear’s School” Christmas limited edition donuts!


Floresta, a handmade doughnut specialty store, has collaborated with “The Bear’s School” to create a limited edition Christmas doughnut, which will be available until December 25, 2022 (Sunday).

Collaboration between Floresta and “The Bear’s School”

The collaboration doughnuts feature Jackie, the main character in “Kuma no Gakko (Bear’s School),” her “best friend” Chucky, and her good friend David, respectively. Four types of doughnuts with a festive Christmas mood will be available in two weeks.

The first week of the event, “Jackie Snow,” a strawberry doughnut covered in coconut and decorated with an adorable Jackie, and “Jackie and Chucky,” a ring doughnut with Jackie and a “Best Friend” Chucky, were the first two items to hit the shelves. Jackie and Chucky,” a combination of Jackie’s ring doughnut and Chucky’s “Best Friend” doughnut. No artificial strawberry flavoring is used in the doughnuts, so even those who do not like strawberry chocolate can enjoy its natural taste.

In the following second week, the lineup includes “David Christmas,” a ring doughnut with his good friend David dressed up in a Santa hat, and “Jackie Christmas,” a fresh snow with a Christmas star and Santa hat, inspired by Jackie’s warm Christmas.

The second week’s doughnuts will be on sale until Christmas Day, making them a great party souvenir or gift for a loved one.


Floresta’s Christmas Donut

【First Week】 Saturday, December 3 – Tuesday, December 13, 2022
【Menu】 Jackie and Chucky 520 yen / Jackie Snow 520 yen
【Second Week】 December 14 (Wed) – 25 (Sun)
【Menu】 David Christmas – 400 yen / Jackie Christmas 520 yen
Tohoku: Ishinomaki R45 store
Kanto: Gakugei Daigaku store, Sangenjaya store, Koenji store, Utsunomiya Heisei Dori store
Chubu: Hamamatsu Sanji store, Hibino Ekimae store, Nonami Ekimae store, Aeon Town Kakamigahara store
Kansai: Nara Main Store, Horie Store, Kitchen Kodomo, Kitahanada Store, Oji Koen Store, Sanda Woody Town Store
China: Yonago store
Kyushu: Hirao store, Ropponmatsu store, Fujisaki store, Kumamoto Hikarinomori store, Oita store, Oita Oozai store, Oita Station Uenonomoriguchi store
Okinawa: Shin-Toshin Store
*During the sales period, some stores may not have products ready even immediately after opening.
*Contact each store for details on reservations, layaways, etc.
*Room temperature/frozen sales vary by store.