【Damn Cute!】 Gelato pique has introduced “rabbit motif” loungewear and sundries.

Gelato Pique has introduced a new line of “rabbit motif” loungewear and sundries, which went on sale at Gelato Pique stores nationwide on March 25 (Fri.), 2022.

Loungewear with rabbit ears and tail

Gerard Pique is offering “rabbit motif” loungewear and sundries for Easter under the title of “Innocent Bunny Collection. The cute designs with “bunny ears” will make you feel excited just by wearing them.

The “Bunny Moko” series is thin yet fluffy and warm loungewear perfect for spring. The cardigan with bunny ears and shorts with a round tail create a “bunny” look when worn as a set. The color lineup includes pure off-white, feminine pink, and light-colored lavender.

Eye masks with bunny ears and room shoes are also available in the same colors, so it is recommended to enjoy Easter coordination by matching colors.

Adult cute “delicate lace” loungewear

Also from the glamorous satin series come camisoles, gowns, and shorts in limited Easter colors. Available in two cute adult colors, pink and lavender, both are sure to elevate your relaxing time at home.

The lineup also includes a plush rabbit with a “fluffy texture” that is ideal for interior decoration. They make attractive gifts for friends and family as well as for yourself.


gelato pique “Innocent Bunny Collection”

【Release Date】 Mar. 25 (Fri), 2022
【Store】 gelato pique stores nationwide, official online store, etc.