【Damn Cute!】 gelato pique will be releasing the second batch of “super mario” loungewear tomorrow!

gelato pique has released a new loungewear collection “Colorful Yoshi Collection” featuring Nintendo’s Super Mario, which will be available at Gelato Pique stores nationwide from April 25, 2022 (Monday).

Colorful Yoshi is the star of the show! Pastel-colored loungewear

Yoshi takes center stage in the second installment of the “SUPER MARIO meets GELATO PIQUE” loungewear collection, which incorporates Nintendo’s Super Mario into its designs. The collection features 22 items for women, men, juniors, kids, and babies, all in spring-like pastel colors that will make them happy just by wearing them.

Three colors of loungewear that let you “be Yoshi

The knit hoodie and pants set-up is a cute design that allows you to “be Yoshi. Available in pink, green, and blue, it is fun to buy different colors for family and friends. Shorts are available for women, juniors, and kids, while men’s half pants are available as a set.

Yoshi Hoodie & Shorts Set (Ladies) 12,320 yen / each

T-shirts and shorts for matching with your girlfriends and family members

The Yoshi-patterned T-shirt and shorts set-up, which can be matched with family members or loved ones, is also a recommended item. The women’s, kids’, and baby items are available in pastel colors, while the men’s items are available in gray.

It comes with a drawstring with Yoshi’s egg motif, so the family can enjoy matching them on overnight trips.

Cute jacquard loungewear with “SLEEP Yoshi

The cute top and pants with “SLEEP Yoshi” are made of soft jacquard material that is soft to the touch. A hand towel with a Yoshi egg-shaped can is also made of the same jacquard material.

Yoshi Jacquard pullover & shorts set (Ladies) 10,890 yen

Pastel-colored mom bags and blankets are also available.

In addition, there will be an extensive lineup of loungewear and accessories, including women’s Yoshi-patterned one-piece dresses, baby-size Yoshi rompers, mommy bags, and Jacquard blankets.


Super Mario Meets Gelato Pique “Colorful Yoshi Collection”.

【Release Date】 April 25 (Mon), 2022
【Store】 Gelato Pique stores nationwide, usagi online store, La-foret Harajuku store/Yokohama Joyous store/Shinsaibashi Parco store/Entetsu Department Store/Akita OPA store, Nintendo’s official store “Nintendo TOKYO
*Limit 1 per person, each color and size.
*Sales will end when stock runs out.