【Damn Cute!】 Starbucks valentine 2022 limited edition goodies go on sale today!

Starbucks will release limited edition 2022 Valentine’s Day merchandise at Starbucks stores starting Wednesday, January 19, 2022.
For the Valentine’s Day season in 2022, Starbucks will be offering goods with a cute “heart” motif. Starbucks will offer a wide variety of products including stainless steel bottles, tumblers, mugs, and eco bags.

Starbucks’ 2022 Valentine’s Day Limited Edition “Heart” Goods

A stainless steel bottle that is easy to carry around

The stainless steel bottle, which has excellent heat and cold retention properties, has a pink body with hearts scattered on it. A handwritten message is attached to the front.

The stainless steel mini-bottle, which is convenient to carry around, also features a pink body with a heart and handwritten message. The shape of the bottle, which resembles a milk bottle, is easy to fit in a woman’s hand.

A cute mug that makes home time fun

These stacking mugs can be stacked on top of each other with a white or pink base, and feature a heart-shaped handle. It is recommended to use different colors in pairs.

The stainless steel mug also has a charming pink body with the siren logo embossed in the center.

In addition to the heart and handwritten illustrations, the heat-resistant glass mug features a pink handle. These mugs are perfect for desk work or home time.

Bearista” items with a Valentine’s Day atmosphere

The exclusive Drink Hole Cap Bearista, which will be sold as a set with reusable cups, will be dressed in Valentine’s Day attire. Not only does it keep the contents from leaking out when using the reusable cup, but it also makes coffee time more enjoyable with its cuteness. There will be two types of Bearista, one in pink and the other in blue stripes.

Some items are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts.

There are also other items that make great Valentine’s Day gifts. A set of message cards with drink tickets and a Bearista stand, and message cards with drink vouchers are also available.

You can only buy these goods during the Valentine’s Day season, but they can also be used as birthday presents for your loved ones, so it might not hurt to get some!


Starbucks 2022 Valentine’s Day Merchandise

【Release Date】 Jan 19 (Wed), 2022
【Store】 Starbucks stores and official online stores

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