【+diana】Valentine limited sneakers are cute!

Valentine limited sneakers from DIANA’s sneaker brand + diana. It was released at Diana stores and online stores from February 3, 2020 (Monday).

Elegant pure white sneakers with lovely motifs.

Limited sneakers to be sold are white sneakers with a “love” embroidery point with glittering hearts. Despite confining the lovely mood, it also features white glitter and refined gold in the same color as the upper for details, so it is finished in an elegant pair that fits the brand concept of “adult sneakers that can be worn elegantly”.

300 pairs limited sale

Sale of Valentine-limited sneakers is limited to 300 pairs. Maybe it’s not there anymore … if you want, go check out the store!

13,000 yen + Tax

New glitter sneakers

This is also really cute! The glittery color with glitter spread on the new sneaker model is a new model from February 2nd. It has a calm color tone, such as black, dull gold, or silver, while emitting a brilliant shine, so it can be easily incorporated into daily coordination. Two types of shoe models are available: lace-up and slip-on.

14,000 yen + Tax / each


Valentine limited sneakers
【Release Date】February 3, 2020 (Monday)
【Price】13,000 yen + Tax
【Store】Diana stores nationwide, E-stores (Sold out)

KIRA KIRA glitter series
【Release Date】February 3, 2020 (Monday)
【Price】14,000 yen + Tax
【Store】Diana stores nationwide, E-stores