【Dojima, Shinsaibashi, Higobashi, Minoh】Moncher’s exclusive “Dojima Coffee Roll” will be available only on June 1st!


The Dojima Coffee Roll from Moncher will be available for a limited time from Monday, June 1 to Friday, June 30, 2020. We’re still being told to avoid unnecessary outings, and that’s a great way to have some delicious cake time at home.

Long Size, 1650 yen + Tax

Dojima Coffee Roll

Moncher’s “Dojima Coffee Roll” is a popular seasonal roll of cafe mocha cream, coffee ganache, and coffee jelly rolled in cafe mocha dough, and for 2020, it’s being further evolved by using high-quality coffee beans carefully selected and carefully roasted by roasters at Osaka Takamura Coffee Roasters.

The selected coffee beans are from the Burundi Gittwenge Estate, which won second place in the international Cup of Excellence 2019. The aroma has the elegance of lime and lemon and the bittersweetness of grapefruit, with a taste like bergamot. It also has a honeyed richness and sweetness and a citrusy, crisp finish.

With the rich aroma of coffee beans, these rolls are not only a great treat for yourself, but also a great Father’s Day gift or souvenir. Please note that this product is also available for purchase online, and if you purchase online, it will be decorated for Father’s Day. (It comes with decorated chocolate for Father’s Day.)


Dojima Coffee Roll

【Sales Period】June 1st – June 30, 2020 *June 19-20 will be a “Thank You” specification for Father’s Day.
【Price】1,650 yen + tax for long size, 900 yen + tax for half size, 400 yen + tax for cut (piece)
【Store in Osaka】Dojima Main Store, Salon de Moncher Shinsaibashi Main Store, Higobashi Store, Factory Shop Minoh