【E-Shopping】 Crayon Shin-chan’s “Sato Kokonokado” Plastic Shopping Bag-like Eco-Bag Now Available

T’s Factory has started selling “Sato Kokonokado Plastic Bag Style Eco Bag”.

Gusseted for plenty of space

The “Sato Kokonokado plastic bag-like eco-bag” (680 yen (tax not included)) is an eco-bag with a design of the Sato Kokonokado from “Crayon Shinchan. Since it is a “plastic bag” style, it is of course made of solid fabric, and the handles are roomy so that you can carry it over your shoulder. The size is approximately H610 x W310 x W147mm, with a gusset for plenty of space.

Not too bulky to carry in your bag.

The product has pockets on the inside. You can put small things in it or fold it up to store it when you are not using the eco-bag. It’s great to be able to carry it around in your bag without it being too bulky.

You might even feel like you’re shopping at Sato Konokado, where Misae goes to school! Why not take this opportunity to get one of these Satoko Kokonokado plastic bag-like eco-bags that are sure to attract attention in town?


Satou Kokonokado Plastic bag-like eco-bag

【Release Date】 Dec. 18 (Fri), 2020
【Price】 680 yen + Tax
【Store】 Amazon