【E-Shopping】 Demon Slayer’s Christmas cake is here! Limited quantities available for pre-order now!


PRIROLL, which sells anime character print cakes by mail order, is now accepting reservations for a limited number of ‘Blade of Extinction’ Christmas limited design print cakes.

33 different designs to choose from

There are a total of 33 types of officially licensed “Blade of Extinction” Christmas limited design printed cakes. Kadoma Tanjiro, Kadoma Nezuko, Rengoku Kyojiro, and many other characters are on the cake! You can choose either whipped cream or chocolate cream when you order. Also, the amount of strawberry pulp is being increased for Christmas only.

To purchase, go to the “PRIROLL” website and apply at least 7 days in advance of the desired date of arrival. Delivery is by cooled Yamato Transport.

Because of the limited quantity, pre-orders will end as soon as they reach the specified number. It is recommended to order as soon as possible.


Demon Slayer Christmas Cake

【Reservation Period】 From now until 7 days before the desired arrival date