【E-shopping】 Enjoy it at home! There’s a small cooking device on the market that lets you easily make snacks over charcoal!

Fukuda Shoten, which sells charcoal for commercial use, has developed “chibi chibi,” a cooking utensil that can be used to cook various foods over charcoal. The product has been on sale at its official online store “with Charcoal” since this month.

chibichibi box set 44,000 yen (Tax included)

Items for Enjoying Charcoal Fires at Home

Fukuda Shoten, which had mainly sold charcoal for business use, was probably affected by the government’s request to close restaurants and shorten business hours, so it considered new businesses.

In recent years, more and more people have become particular about their alone time, space, and items, and noticing that there is a need to avoid denseness due to corona disasters, we teamed up with a local stainless steel manufacturer in Kawasaki City and an organization that handles thinned wood to create “chibi chibi,” a compact charcoal cooking utensil that can be easily used at home.

chibichibi Wooden frame stand set 33,000 yen (Tax included)

Two burner construction for direct charcoal fire and cooking

The product is a small charcoal table made of wood and stainless steel. It can be used at home, for private use, and for outdoor activities. The stand has two fire openings, one for direct charcoal cooking, and the other for boiling, simmering, cooking, and warming with small pots and pans.

Since you can use two grates at the same time, you can prepare sake and snacks at the same time, such as making heated sake while grilling yakitori, greatly expanding the enjoyment of “home cooking” and “home drinking.

The compact size of 14cm (H) x 32cm (W) x 12cm (H) weighs 1.7kg and comes with a simple and smart case for easy carrying and cleaning.

It will be available in two types: “Stainless steel body + wooden frame stand” (30,000 yen excluding tax) and “Stainless steel body + wooden frame stand & box” (40,000 yen excluding tax).

Make snacks and feel like you’re at home in a pub.

Grilling leeks over charcoal while warming up your favorite sake to enjoy hot is the perfect winter match. The possibilities are endless, depending on the ingredients, not just the leeks.

If you want to drink beer, shochu, or highballs cold, both are fully operational for snacks. Grill shiitake mushrooms and asparagus over charcoal and heat up some canned tidbits, and you’ll have two complete dishes at the same time with “canned tidbits and grilled vegetables” to open your izakaya at home!

For those who want to enjoy it in a Western style, there is also the “hot wine and grilled shrimp” option. The charcoal-grilled shrimp tastes even better if you are particular about the salt, such as garlic salt or truffle soft. Besides prawns, bacon and sausages are also recommended.


Small charcoal cookware chibi chibi

【Sales】 On sale
“Stainless steel body + wooden frame stand” (30,000 yen + tax)
“Stainless steel body + wooden frame stand & box” (40,000 yen +tax)
【Store】 Fukuda Shoten Online Store, with Charcoal

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