【E-Shopping】 You can pre-order the “Demon Slayer” Band-Aids now until February 12!

From January 18 (Mon.) to February 12 (Fri.), “Demon Slayer Band-Aids Green/Blue” will be available for pre-order for 400 yen each (tax not included) at “Character Department Store,” an e-commerce site specializing in anime and manga that handles a wide range of manga and anime goods from battle-related to spokon (sports, guts) and girls’ manga.

A must-have item for “Demon Slayer” fans.

Demon Slayer Band-Aids Green” is a collection of Band-Aids with designs by Kamado Tanjiro, Kamado Nezuko, Wagatsuma Zenitsu and Hashibira Inosuke.

The “Demon Slayer Band-Aids Blue” has a “pillar” design, which is the mainstay of the demon slayer team.

The set contains 18 sheets, 3 of each of the 6 designs, and is made in Japan for safety and security. The product size is a standard size of about 19 x 72 mm.

The product size is a standard size of approximately 19 x 72 mm. The “Demon Slayer Band-Aids Green/Blue” is recommended as a gift for children, so why not take this opportunity to get one?


Demon Slayer Band-Aids Green/Blue

【Price】 400 yen + Tax
【Reservation Period】 Jan 18 (Mon) – Feb 12 (Fri), 2021 23:59
【Release】 May, 2021
【Store】 Charadepa.com

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