【E-shopping】Damn Cute! New color of Nyara-geta (Meow clog) released for limited quantities.

Nyara-Geta (Meow-clog), which is also very popular on this site, was released on February 27, 2020 in a limited number of pure white Nyara-Geta “Nyara-Geta White” in commemoration of White Day.

“Nyara-Geta” with White Day specifications

“Nyara-Geta (Meow-clog) White”, as the name suggests, is a product that features a straight clog. Not only as a fashion accent, but also easy to match with yukata and swimwear coordinates, it will be a great success in the summer. It is also a great gift for White Day, souvenirs, birthday gifts, and gifts for cat lovers.

What’s Nyara-Geta (Mewo-clog)?

Nyara-Geta (Meow-clog) is a clog with a cute cat silhouette that is offered by Nara Getaya and it’s not only cute, but also made with great attention to ease of wearing because it’s made by a long-established footwear maker.

・The material is EVA with excellent cushioning properties.
・It is soft and strong against water so that your feet are inhaled.
・It is a specification that the heat of the ground is hard to be transmitted to the sole because of the thickness.
・It’s okay to get wet! Great for watering the beach, flowers and taking a walk! !
・The thong can be made with both strength and softness by the original I-slit structure.
・Less pain and less fatigue when walking for a long time!


Nyara-geta (Mewo-Clog) White

【Release Date】Feb 27, 2020 – Limited quantities
【Price】3,850 yen (includes tax)
【E-Store】 http://www.narageta.jp/nyarageta/whitenyarageta.html