【E-Shopping】Do you know Kameyama Candle? Lots of cute candles that look like food samples!

Originally, Kameyama Candle was a company that made incense sticks and candles for Buddhist altars in Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture, and now it also makes aroma candles using aroma. When Japanese people hear the word “Kameyama candles”, they immediately think it’s a product for Buddhist altars, but recently they’ve started making very cute candles and incense sticks, and they’re very popular with young people.

The deceased’s favorite candle!?

In Japan, there is a custom of offering the deceased’s favorite items to the altar of the Buddha. But we can’t offer food for that long, can you? It will go bad. Then! Kameyama Candle co. thought to themselves, “They’ve made a candle out of the deceased’s favorite food!”

“Favorite for family in heaven.”

Kameyama’s “Favorite for family in heaven.” was released with the idea of “Favorite for family in heaven.” It’s an offering candle in the shape of a cute piece of food, such as beer, sushi, or bean Daifuku. The company’s website and social networking sites are filled with comments from customers such as “We’re glad we were able to make an offering because my grandfather was in the hospital and wanted to eat it,” on a daily basis.

Based on requests for such favorite candles, four new products have been created: fruit assortment candles, zaru-soba candles, curry and rice candles, and cream soda candles.

A candle to tie the heart of the deceased.

The “Favorite Candle” is carefully handcrafted by artisans and has a realism that is meticulously detailed. The four new products on sale also tell a story of how the candles are being lit and the number of candles is decreasing little by little, bringing people together.

Fruit Assorted Candles
950 yen + Tax

Fruit Assortment Candle, 950 yen (tax not included), which goes on sale on Wednesday, April 1, is based on the image of an assortment of high-class fruits from a fruit specialty store. When you open the package, which contains four varieties of pineapple, apple, banana, and grape, the fruity aroma unfolds.

Zaru-Soba Candle
680 yen + Tax

Zaru Soba Candle, also on sale since April 1, is 680 yen (tax not included) and features details such as Soba noodles that are said to have been molded from real somen, condiments, disposable chopsticks, and buckwheat noodles.

Curry-rice Candle
680 yen + Tax

Also, “Curry Rice Candle” 680 yen (tax not included), which will go on sale on Monday, April 20, is based on the image of curry rice at home on the dining table. The lumpy ingredients and the Fukujin pickles look delicious! The faint scent of spices is also very real.

Cream Soda Candle
680 yen + Tax

Cream Soda Candle, which will also go on sale on Monday, April 20, 680 yen (tax not included), is a candle with a sweet melon soda scent. The cherry topped cherry is the cream soda you find in an old-fashioned coffee shop. It could also be used as an interior candle.

There are many other favorites in the series♪

We’ve featured four new candles, but our favorite candles range from sushi, steak, and ramen to drinks like sake and coffee, and there’s so much more! What’s more, they’re all cheap. Just looking at them makes me happy, so please visit the online shopping site of Kameyama candles. By the way… there are also a lot of interesting incense sticks, such as curry and coffee scents.


Kameyama Candle “Favorite Series”

【Release Date】Only cream soda and curry rice candles will be available on April 20. Other than that, it’s on sale now.
【Store】Kameyama’s directly managed store, Kameyama, online shops, Buddhist altar stores and general stores nationwide.