【E-Shopping】From July 1st (Wed), Kintetsu Department Store Net Shop will be holding the “Great Hokkaido Exhibition”!

The Kintetsu Department Store will hold the first ever “Dai-Hokkaido Exhibition” at the Kintetsu Department Store net shop from Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

The best seasonal products only available in online stores!

Rishiri Island, Rebun Island Ezo-bafun sea urchin

This alum-free, saltwater sea urchin is only landed between June and August.

7,689 yen / 90g

Order period: until August 5

Cut Tokishirazu (Salmon)

Because it is pre-mature and does not hold eggs or milt, it has excellent fat content.

756 yen / Half of salmon (About 8 cuts)

Furano Melons

The melons are grown in Furano, a place blessed with a rich climate, soil and water.

6,480 yen / 2 melon

A very popular classic.

Jaga Pokkuru

886 yen / 18 g × 10 packs

Royce’s Potato Chips Chocolate

778 yen / 190 g

Limited edition sweets for Kintetsu Department Stores

Maiko’s Madeleine

Speciality Tart Eating Comparison Set
5,400 yen
*Limited to 100 sets


“Great Hokkaido Exhibition” by Kintetsu Online Store

【Period】Start from July 1, 2020