【E-shopping】Have a nice relaxing time at home! Hotel New Otani Osaka to sell lounge-wear.

As people continue to refrain from going out in an emergency, “lounge-wear” is attracting attention as a way to spend more comfortable time at home.

Hotel New Otani Osaka is selling its original “Relaxation Wear” online on its official website as a plan to encourage people to refrain from going out.

Adult [free size] 12,000 yen

The feel that makes you want to wear it forever.

The “Relaxation Wear” is room wear that was shaped by the opinions and ideas of hotel guests and staff.

The material is 100% cotton from Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, and the gauze, which is gentle to people with atopic skin and is ideal for baby products, is woven in a cross-weaved double herringbone pattern with high moisture-wicking, moisture-absorbing and divergent properties.

The new Otani logo on the top of the back of the wear is full of luxury!

Functionality is also a point of attention to detail.

The cuffs are switched and slit to make it easier to fold back when washing up, and the elastic is fastened to the back of the trousers so they can be put on and taken off without untying them for ease of use. You can also machine wash it at home.


Relax wear by Hotel New Otani

【Color】Off-White only

【Size】For adult (Free size), For Child (110cm).

【Price (Online)】12,000 yen for adult/ 10,000 yen for child
【Price for hotel guest】10,000 yen for adult/ 8,000 yen for child

【Online Store】https://www.newotani.co.jp/osaka/stay/guide/relaxwear/