【E-Shopping】It’s as sweet as a melon! Sweet corn “Kyoto Mai Corn” is now available for reservation.


Meet the fruit-sweet corn! Rock Farm Kyoto, which produces corn, Kujo leeks and Kyoto Graduates, has started selling pre-orders of their white corn “Kyoto Mai Corn”!

Sweet and tender “Kyoto Mai Cone”.

Kyoto Mai Corn” boasts a sugar content of 18 degrees Celsius, making it as sweet as melon. Due to the softness of the fruit, it can be eaten raw, or simply cut and enjoyed in salads or as a snack. The company has been producing Kujo leeks for many years, and since they can’t grow them in the same field continuously, they started growing “Kyoto Mai Cone” as a back crop. The result is a product that tastes sweet and delicious, just like a fruit, with an outstanding sweetness!

All the deliciousness in one cone!

By limiting the number of “Kyoto Mai Cones” produced, each one is full of nutrition and volume! Also, since everything is harvested in the morning and shipped out the same day, the freshness of the produce is delivered as it was in the field.

And now, I want to bring this taste to more people! This time, the web sales have started with the desire of the representative of the company to sell the product nationwide. Reservations are now being taken on the official website! Kyoto Mai Cone is priced at 3,500 yen for a six-pack and 6,500 yen for a 20-pack (tax and shipping included).

To help prevent COVID-19, which is still unpredictable, why not order some delicious food and enjoy it at home?


Kyoto Mai Corn

【Price】3,500 yen for a six-pack and 6,500 yen for a 20-pack (tax and shipping included).
【Online Store】https://rockfarm.thebase.in/