【E-Shopping】Kirby’s jewelry is now available! Reservations are now being accepted.

Rings featuring characters from “Kirby the Star” are now available!

Character jewelry brand ‘U-Treasure’ started to accept pre-order of ‘Kirby and Friends/Ring’ on June 2 (Tue).

Character Jewelry for Adults

U-Treasure is a brand that deals in authentic character jewelry for adults. In addition to faithfully reproducing the characters, the brand’s jewelry combines functionality and beauty, and pays attention to every detail. The work is produced.

These items will satisfy your desire to “collect character jewelry that you can secretly show off” or “wear something fun and stylish even when you’re an adult”.

Rings from the popular game “Kirby the Star”

Created in 1992, Kirby: Kirby the Star is a popular game series that features the main character Kirby, who has a special ability to transform himself by copying enemy abilities. The design of this ring shows Kirby, a voracious eater, and his familiar friends Rick, Cain and Coo leaving together.

It’s a cute design that looks like they’re having a good time strolling around together, but can also be worn with chic outfits!

The Kirby and Friends Ring will be priced at 8,800 yen (silver) and 39,600 yen (K18 yellow and pink gold) each.

Wear Kirby and Friends/Ring, a character jewelry for adults, and enjoy everyday life with a happy mood!


Kirby and Friends/Ring By U-Treasure

【Price】8,800 yen (silver) / 39,600 yen (K18 yellow/pink gold)
【Online Store】https://www.u-treasure-onlineshop.jp/