【E-Shopping】News for people living in Japan. Finally, Sharp is starting to sell masks for individuals today as well!

On April 21, SHARP will begin selling masks to individual customers through the SHARP COCORO LIFE e-commerce site.

50 sheets in 1 Box / 2,980 yen


Nonwoven Mask / <MA-1050> *50 sheets per box.

【Release Date & Time】10 am on April 21 (Tue), 2020
【Sales Method】Sales at the SHARP COCORO LIFE EC site.
* Depending on availability, the number of items available for purchase in a given period of time is limited to one box (50 sheets) per person.
* At this time, we will not be able to re-purchase for 3 days, including the date of purchase.
* If they determine that the same customer has purchased more than one item during the period, the order will be cancelled at their discretion.

*From the time of release until Sunday, May 10, inventory will be available around 10 a.m. every day.
*Once sold out, stock will not be replenished until the next day.
*They will ship on our business day after the next day of your order.

【Sales quantity】Initially 3,000 boxes/day (150,000 sheets/day).
Sales of 10,000 boxes/day (500,000 sheets/day) will be increased as production capacity is increased.

【Purchase method】
・Only “Credit Card” is accepted as a payment method.
・The shipping cost is 660 yen (tax included, flat rate nationwide) and will be delivered by courier service (Sagawa Express).
・Once your order is confirmed, it usually takes 2-7 days for delivery.
・They do not accept overseas shipments as this product is intended for the Japanese market.