【E-Shopping】Royce Launches Limited Edition Fresh Chocolate of Darjeeling, a Gorgeously Fragrant Tea!

Fresh Chocolate [Darjeeling] with a gorgeous black tea aroma is now available from “Royce”! It has been on sale at “ROYCE” directly managed stores since May 1 (Friday), but from May 7 (Thursday), it is also on sale at “ROYCE” official online shop!

Fresh chocolate with a noble tea flavor!

Fresh Chocolate [Darjeeling]” (20 pieces), 778 yen (tax included), is a blend of fresh cream and flavored black tea liqueur with Darjeeling milk chocolate, which is said to be the “champagne of tea” due to its excellent aroma. You can enjoy the elegant and deep black tea flavor and the sweet and gorgeous aroma.

Enjoy the perfect balance of cocoa and black tea with a clean aftertaste!

Fresh chocolate with fragrant hojicha is also on sale!

The fresh chocolate [hojicha] (20 pieces) is 778 yen (tax included)!

The “Fresh Chocolate [Hojicha]” is a product that blends charcoal-roasted hojicha made from domestically produced Ichibancha, Bancha and stem tea with milk chocolate. Whiskey is used for flavouring, giving it a wide range of savoury flavours and a refreshing finish.

Enjoy the “Japanese” taste of the elegantly fragrant hojicha and chocolate.

Limited time offer

Fresh Chocolate [Darjeeling] and Fresh Chocolate [Hojicha] will be available through mail order until June 7 (Sun), but it is recommended to buy them as soon as possible because they will be sold out.

Present and free shipping campaign is underway!

As we told you the other day… Currently, the official online shop is running a “Present & Free Shipping W Campaign”.
*Please note, however, that Lloyds Ice Cream is not eligible.


Limited Fresh Chocolate, Darjeeling & Hojicha

【Price】778 yen includes tax
【Sales Period】June 7 (Sun), 2020
【Online Store】 https://www.royce.com/