【EC Shopping】My Neighbor Totoro × Granted = Canadian Heritage Sweater!?

GBL, a brand featuring Studio Ghibli characters and motifs, and a long-established Canadian manufacturer, Granted, collaborated to create “My Neighbor Totoro Canadian Heritage Sweater Totoro and Cat Bus”!

Great Christmas gift for dad!?

A sweater made by a long-established Canadian manufacturer “Granted”, which is said to take about 25 hours by hand knitting one by one by craftsmen. The highest quality knitwear made in Canada, from raw materials to zippers.

This collaboration will release a Canadian heritage sweater designed in harmony with traditional patterns and Totoro and cat buses. Sweaters knitted with extra-thick wool can be worn comfortably by anyone regardless of gender or age.

A top quality sweater made from 100% wool and made in Canada from raw materials to fasteners, just like regular Granted sweaters. You can use it habitually for many seasons.


My Neighbor Totoro Canadian Heritage Sweater Totoro and Cat Bus

【Reservation Start】From November 13 (Wed) 11am
*The deadline is as soon as the scheduled number is reached.
*If it is sold out during the reservation period, there is no general sales plan.
*Up to 2 per person
【Reservation】Acorn Republic Soranoue EC Site
【Price】69,800 yen + Tax
【Size】XS, S, M, L
【Delivery date】Late November
*Delivery date cannot be specified.

If you can come to Japan after the end of November, why not make a reservation?