【Exclusive to Japan】Japanese limited edition items will appear from Bottega Veneta.

BOTTEGA VENETA and the pre-fall collection in 2019 will be released at the Isetan Shinjuku Store and the Isetan Shinjuku Store Men’s Building for a limited time from May 22 (Wed) to May 28 (Tue) 2019.

Exclusive to Japan
Women’s Bag & Shoes

The Arco

The Arco is a bag named after Arco della Pace, the Arc de Triomphe in Milan, Italy. The long, curved curved tube handle attached in a large arc is impressive. The Isetan Shinjuku store sells a model in which French calf is dyed as natural wood as a limited edition color in Japan.

The Arco / 290,000 yen (+Tax) / Exclusive to Japan

The Pouch

The material used is a surprisingly smooth calf leather, named “Butter Calf”. As leather strap is attached, it can be used not only as a clutch bag but also as a shoulder bag. Japan limited edition grayish white color is put on the shop for a limited time this time.

The Pouch 20 / 137,000 yen (+Tax) / Exclusive to Japan


Sneakers also appear in men’s and women’s unisex designs. A simple but playful finish that combines a black lace with a Bianco (white) color body that is limited to Japan.

Exclusive to Japan
Man’s Bag & Wallet

Maxi Intreccio Wallet

Bottega Veneta’s icon, “Intreccio ” with woven specification is enlarged to playful and finished from “Maxi Intreccio Wallet” family, Japan limited color Bianco (white) comes up. Refreshing white color will enhance summer feeling just by having it.

A variety of wallets are available with different differences of silhouettes, such as the long wallet type “zip around wallet”, “two-fold wallet” and the compact “zip around small wallet”.

Maxi Intreccio Wallet / Zip Around Wallet / 90,000 yen (+tax) / Exclusive to Japan

The Paper Touch Nylon Backpack

The Paper Touch Nylon family, which has joined the men’s bag series, is a highly functional design. The main material is a paper-like nylon with a wrinkled texture. Lightweight and waterproof so it is perfect for daily use.

The backpack features a unique design, like the one on the top. It looks simple, but because it has many built-in pockets inside and outside, luggage storage is convenient. In addition, it is also a point that the unique material is mixed such as incorporating nylon with contrast color in the lining, elastic mesh in the pocket, and spinnaker canvas in the strap.

The Paper Touch Nylon Bag pack / 210,000 yen (+tax) / Exclusive to Japan


An impressive sneaker with a shoeless spread that spreads to the left and right. Based on calf leather, it combines a TPU rubber sole with excellent durability and grip. Contrast is applied to black laces for the Japanese limited color Bianco (white). Unisex design that you can enjoy not only men’s but women’s.


Bottega Veneta 2019 Pre Fall Collection Limited Time Shop

【Opening period】May 22 – May 28
【Location】Isetan Shinjuku / Isetan Shinjuku Man’s Building
【Address】3-14-1 Shinjiku, Shinjiku-ward, Tokyo