【Exclusive to Japan】Parfums Givenchy’s popular lip gloss will release Japanese limited colors!

Parfums Givenchy comes in Japan limited colors from the popular lip gloss “Gross Interdit” that “changes color” depending on the pH of the lips. It will be released from June 1st, 2019 (Sat).

“Color changes” lip gloss

Givenchy’s lip gloss, including the Reveratur shade, which “changes in color” at the pH of the lips, has garnered attention when it is possible to enjoy your own color. It gives you a plump three-dimensional effect, transparent color, elegant gloss, and just a captivating mouth. As you can enjoy vivid colors by overpainting, it is recommended to use not only over lipstick but also alone.

Japanese limited colors inspired by “light”

From such Givenchy popular products, limited colors that can only be acquired in Japan are born. Three colors inspired by “light” appear.

From Left, “Gross Interdit” #18, #17, #19 / 3,700 yen (+tax) each
These three colors are exclusive to Japan.

No. 17 “Golden Hour” which imaged the magic hour.

Named Golden Hour No.17, the image is of the dimly lit sky before sunrise and after sunrise. They express beautiful scenery called “magic hour” by mixing mother of pearl of sparkling yellow with base of hot yellow. Bright impression when put on the lips.

No. 18 “Pink District” which imaged
glowing neon lights in the night entertainment district.

“No. 18 Pink District” which was inspired by glowing neon lights in the night entertainment district. The sparkling cityscape was superimposed on the Aurora Blue’s mother of pearl, which changes color with each change of angle. The base is pink orange color. It is a perfect color when you want to create a glamorous atmosphere.

No.19 “Green Light” which imaged morning glow green sparkling.

“No. 19 green light” which finished like fresh green shining in morning dew. In lip gloss, it uses rare fresh green as a base color. Inside, I mix a mother of pearl of sparkling green. Vivid green lip gloss brings out a sense of transparency.

Pre-sale at Hankyu Beauty Studio

Prior to national development, it will be pre-sold at Hankyu Beauty Studio.
Hankyu Beauty Studio will sell all three colors for a limited time from May 22nd to June 4th.

【Location】 Hankyu Beauty Studio
【Address】1-1-3 Shibata, Kita-ward, Osaka
【Sales Period】May 22 to June 4.
※ It ends as soon as it disappears
※ Each Parfums Givenchy’s store will be released on June 1st.