【Explained in manga】How to put on and take off a mask from an emergency doctor!

Dr. Takaaki Nakata (Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at Chiba University), who is working as an emergency physician on the front line, has created this easy-to-understand comic book on how to use a surgical mask correctly.

How to put on and take off a mask properly” taught by an emergency doctor.

(1) Wash your hands before putting on the mask.
Hands can be dirty, so wash them thoroughly to prevent contamination to the mask strings.

(2) Hold the mask by the strap.
Points to consider when installing
・Check the front and back when installing.
・Covering the nose, mouth and chin
・Touch only what is necessary.

(3) Never touch the mask or face when wearing it.
After installation, it is a no-touch.

(4) When removing the mask, remove the mask by holding only the strap and discard it.
The mask may be contaminated.

(5) Wash your hands after removing the mask.
Don’t forget to take it off because it touches the dirty mask.

Important points.

There are three important things.

(1) Wash your hands before and after (also before applying)
(2) Touch only the string.
(3) The mask and the face do not touch.


・The important thing is to wash your hands before and after the mask, hold the strap of the mask and take it off, and do not touch your face with the mask.
・Wash your hands first because they may be dirty, and do not contaminate the cord that is allowed to be touched.
・Do not touch the mask with your hands because it may be contaminated, and when you take it off, touch the dirty mask and wash it when you take it off.