【Expo’70 Commemorative Park】An event to enjoy plums with eyes and tongue “Osaka Plum campaign 2020” will be held this weekend!

The plum blossoms have finally begun to bloom and it is time to feel the coming of spring. On this weekend, Osaka’s Osaka Ume no Jin (Plum Campaing) 2020, an event to enjoy plums with eyes and tongue, will be held. This first event will be held for two days, February 29 (Sat) and March 1 (Sun), 2020! You can enjoy plum wine from Japan and overseas.

What is the first “Osaka Ume no Jin (plum campaign) 2020”…?

The “Ume-no-Jin 2020” will be held at the “Natural Cultural Park” and “Japanese Ume Garden” in the “Expo’70 Commemorative Park” until March 15, 2020 (Saturday). It is an event where you can experience the sake of “CHOYA plum wine” as part of it. There are over 50 types of plum wine that can be used for sake! You can enjoy the plum wine that is consumed around the world, not only from the series that is generally sold in Japan, but also those that are manufactured overseas and sold locally!

Enjoy plum wine while watching plums ♡

The plum wines that are of interest are usually not easily seen in Japan, such as “The CHOYA Series”, a limited amount of premium plum wine, and “The CHOYA EXTRA Series” and “CHOYA CLASSIC Series”, which are sold overseas. Things are also provided.

You can enjoy it together with about 600 plum blossoms of 120 varieties in “Expo’70 Commemorative Park Natural Culture Park”. Why don’t you experience the arrival of spring a little earlier?

*It may be canceled due to the corona virus.


“Osaka Ume no Jin 2020” CHOYA 50 kinds of plum wine

【Event Date】February 29 (Sat) and March 1 (Sun) 2020
【Location】Expo Commemorative Park Natural Culture Park Water Wheel Tea House
【Address】1-1 Senri Expo Park, Suita-shi, Osaka
【Fee】Ticket system (no cash) 1 sheet 100 yen / 11 sheets spelling 1,000 yen (* 1 to 8 tickets per cup)
*A separate admission fee is required. (260 yen for adults / 80 yen for elementary and junior high school students)
【Web】 https://www.expo70-park.jp/event/35932/